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oregon water
Photo 32138534 © Robert Crum |
May 13 2022
  Via the U.S. EPA. The U.S. EPA announced two Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loans totaling $65 million to the Rockwood…
drinking water
Photo 29724158 © Luchschen |
May 12 2022
California regulators fined a Havasu Lake water company for failing to provide potable water to its customers for more than a month.  Havasu Water Co…
Canature WaterGroup Announces New Hydrotech Sales Managers
Photo 30723755 © Avesun |
May 10 2022
Canature WaterGroup has announced that Ronnie Taylor has taken over as the Hydrotech Western USA Regional Sales Manager (CA, NV, AZ and UT), and that…