Jul 24, 2020

New Brunswick, Canada, Car Wash to Continue Using Water Source

Instead of switching to using well water, a Canadian car washing company will continue to source its water by importing it. 


car wash

Plans by a car wash called Wash 66 in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada, to use well water rather than continuing to import it have been rejected, according to Country 94.

The town council voted 3-2 against a request by Wash 66 to change the water source for its operations. Since its conception in May 2019, Wash 66 has been trucking in thousands of litres of water every week.

Owner Dr. Jeff Sheppard wanted to use drilled wells instead, however. Some residents raised concerns about the impact the change could have on their water supply. In the original development between Wash 66 and the town, it was only allowed for the business to apply for permission to change the water source, as long as a full comprehensive hydrogeological study was completed, reported Country 94.

According to Dwight Colbourne, the town’s municipal planning officer, the study determined there was sufficient water to support the operations of the car wash. The town worked with Fundy Engineering Ltd. to come up with several safeguards, including requiring two 90-day studies during the summer and winter months.  

Mitigating measures would have included the ability to see how much water the car wash was using each month and there would also have been a cap on how much water the car wash could have used each day, according to Colbourne.

“If that report comes back after the study and shows there’s a downward trend, basically if the groundwater isn’t recharging and isn’t coming back up to sufficient levels, there is a requirement for use of the wells to cease and return to water imports,” Colbourne said.

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