Jan 05, 2022

Waldron, Arkansas Schools Close Until Further Notice Due to Water Line Break

The system is losing approximately 100,000 gallons of water an hour.

water quality in schools

Arkansas' Waldron schools are closed while crews searched for a water line break.

The schools will switch to virtual learning after a water line break, reported KNWA News.

"We're starting to get kind of desperate. Right now most people in town don't have much water pressure and people in the higher areas don't have any at all," said Mayor David Millard, reported 40/29 News.

Waldron city utility crews searched for a major water line break, and Millard told 40/29 News the system is losing approximately 100,000 gallons of water an hour.

"We've ruled out a lot of places but we haven't ruled in any,” said Millard about finding the water line break. “We're thinking it's probably going into a creek or under a creek. And with all the recent rains we've had, the creeks are all running so you can't see. If it was running out on the ground somewhere, it would be running out fast and you'd be able to see it pretty handily.”

Millard will contact state emergency managers to see if potable water can be hauled in to assist residents who are without water, reported 40/29 News.

For now, a precautionary boil order is in place and Waldron students are asked to bring bottled water upon return since school drinking fountains will not be available.

Tyson Foods is distributing 2,000 cases of water and over 65,000 pounds of protein in Waldron on Jan. 5 in response to the water line break, according to a Facebook post by Waldron Public Schools.

The city is relying on support from nearby fire departments if needed since many of the fire hydrants in the city may not be working, according to 40/29 News.

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