Sep 08, 2020

Levels of Lead Found in Colorado City Drinking Water

Testing found potentially toxic levels of lead in Steamboat Springs, Colorado's drinking water

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado is seeing potentially toxic levels of lead in drinking water.

The Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District distributes water to the area and sent out a notice to all of its bill-paying customers regarding the contamination. According to the notice, certain homes with lead pipes or plumbing have exceeded the state threshold.

The potentially toxic lead levels were discovered in July after the biannual testing period, according to General Manager Frank Alfone. 

The homes with the greatest risk of lead contamination are those built between 1981 and 1987, according to Alfone, reported Steamboat Pilot & Today. There is currently no estimate of how many homes have lead-contaminated water. 

According to Alfone, his district is working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to identify the affected homes and conduct additional testing. The water district’s service area lies within the Steamboat city limits. The Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District is working with the state health department to conduct a study with the intent of reducing corrosion in homes with lead fixtures or plumbing. The homes eligible for the study are those built between 1981 and 1987.

“It will help us potentially identify what we can do as a district at this treatment plant to reduce the likelihood of lead getting into the water when it enters those homes,” said Alfone about the study.

Residents who want officials to evaluate their home for participation in the testing should contact the Sanitation District at 970-879-2424, reported Steamboat Pilot & Today. 

Those who do not qualify can conduct testing at their own expense. Those who fall into this category can contact ACZ Labs in Steamboat at 970-879-6590. They also can contact ACCUTEST Laboratories in Wheat Ridge at 303-425-6021.

Residents with questions or concerns about the quality of their drinking water should contact the Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District at 970-879-2424.

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