Apr 05, 2021

Morenci, Michigan, Faces Drinking Water Warning Due to Water Main & Valve Issue

A boil-water advisory was rescinded and changed to a drinking water warning for some residences and businesses in Morenci, Michigan, due to a water main and valve repair issue.

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A precautionary boil-water advisory that was issued for some residences and businesses in Morenci, Michigan, due to a water main and valve repair was rescinded and changed to a drinking water warning.

Morenci residents and businesses were notified Apr. 30 of a broken water main valve on Baker Street, reported The Daily Telegram. The city anticipated a potential drop in water pressure while the repairs were being made, so there was a possibility of bacterial contamination occurring in the water system.

The loss in water pressure was expected to last for one hour and city water staff flushed the system and collected samples from throughout the water system, reported The Daily Telegram.

The samples of water would be collected to determine that the city’s drinking water meets the state drinking water standards, according to a communication from the city, reported The Daily Telegram.

Slusarski Excavating and Paving Inc. of Adrian was hired to make the repair to the valve.

According to the city’s follow-up communication, the boil-water advisory had been rescinded because the water system never lost pressure during the repair. There were complications, however, so the completion of the repair has been postponed to a later date and the city will notify residents when the completion of the valve repair will take place, reported The Daily Telegram.

The affected residences and businesses include all downtown businesses and buildings that are south of Main Street and between Baker Street and Morenci Chiropractic Clinic, 113 W. Main St. The affected residences are those that border these affected downtown properties and the city will hand out notices of the drinking water warning to those impacted, reported The Daily Telegram.

Once the valve is fixed, the boil-water advisory will stay in effect for two days while samples are taken to determine if there is contamination. 

“There have been no found traces of E. coli or chloroform in the water samples taken,” said Morenci city superintendent and clerk Michael Sessions, reported The Daily Telegram.

Morenci residents or businesses owners with questions about the drinking water warning should contact Sessions at 517-458-6828.

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