Oct 17, 2018

WQA Offers Residential Water Treatment Design Certificate

The certificate for basic water treatment science is entirely online

Water Quality Assn. expands educational opportunities
Water Quality Assn. expands educational opportunities

A new education opportunity for technical in-office staff, engineers or others who want to learn the underlying science of water quality and treatment without the field work required for full certification now is available through the Water Quality Assn. (WQA) Modular Education Program (MEP).

The Residential Water Treatment Design Certificate can be of benefit to people who help design treatment products, provide technical support or sell products, and it can serve as an onboarding program for people new to the water quality industry.

“Our members have asked for a way for their in-house technical workers to get some standardized education on water quality and treatment solutions,” said WQA Professional Certification & Training Director Tanya Lubner, PhD. “This program, which is entirely online and accessible through mobile platforms, allows learners to move through the information at their own pace and at their convenience.”

The MEP-based training is about 75 hours of reading assignments with online scenarios that reinforce the lessons but does not require in-the-field experience. Learners must complete an online test to earn the certificate.

The certificate assures dealers that the people answering their questions, selling them products or providing support services have demonstrated knowledge of how the treatment solutions work.

Learners are not required to be WQA members. Anyone with questions can contact WQA's Professional Certification & Training Department at [email protected] or call 630-505-0160. More information about the program and enrollment also is available on WQA’s website.