Zuvo Water Bright Line faucets
May 30 2012
Bright Line faucets feature LED lights that alert the user when it is time to change the filter. They combine the Zuvo Water filtration system,…
Oct 26 2011
In July 2011, the California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) issued its first annual report on plumbing products sampled and tested for…
Jul 15 2011
Five years ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched WaterSense, a volunteer partnership program that promotes water efficiency to…
Jul 13 2011
A few weeks ago, the local electric utility visited my apartment building to give the residents free efficiency upgrades. The focus was not solely…
h2o filter warehouse_luxury faucets
H2O Filter Warehouse faucets
Jul 12 2011
H2O Filter Warehouse stocks a large inventory of luxury faucets at low prices. It has five styles, each available in eight finishes and featuring a…
ga murdock_pou faucet adapter
G.A. Murdock faucet adapter
May 9 2011
The EZ-Faucet Adapter II kitchen sink faucet connector is designed for the easy addition of a feed line for point-of-use (POU) applications. Made…
tomlinson_pou faucets
Tomlinson Pro-Flo PF500 series
Aug 27 2009
The Pro-Flo PF500 Series of POU faucets are available with either a highly polished, chrome-plated, lead-free brass faucet body or with a stainless…
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