Oct 05, 2020

Alabama Water System Sees Lead in a County Water System

An Alabama water system is warning customers about elevated levels of lead after water testing results.

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An Escambia County, Alabama, water system is being required by the state to warn customers about elevated levels of lead.

Laboratory analysis between June through September 2020 found lead levels at three homes on the McCall Water System, reported Northescambia.com. Sampling at 21 homes found levels of no detectable lead at some while others were up to nearly five times the acceptable level.

The McCall Water System, Inc.’s laboratory reported that all three confirmation samples collected on Jul. 28 did not exceed the EPA action level for lead. There is no evidence of lead in the water sources being used locally or any known lead service lines in the system, according to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).

The McCall Water System will be working closely with ADEM. ADEM has directed McCall Water System to focus on a few areas, including: preparing a corrosion control report; conducting water quality parameters and source monitoring; continuous monitoring of 20 sites every six months; and providing educational materials to customers and other consumers. 

“Anytime that a lead action level is exceeded is a concern, particularly for young children and pregnant women,” said ADEM Director Lance LeFleur. “Until the McCall Water System is able to demonstrate lead levels that are in compliance, there are steps residents can take to reduce exposure.”

ADEM advised McCall Water Systems concerned customers to take the following steps, reported Northescambia.com:

  • Run water for 15-30 seconds to flush lead from plumbing prior to using the water;
  • Use cold water for cooking and preparing baby formula;
  • Consider bottled water as an alternative source; and
  • Recognize that boiling water does not remove lead.

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