May 14, 2021

PMI Annual Report Explores 5 Ways Pandemic Year Transformed Industry

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) released the 2021 PMI Annual Report.

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Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) released the 2021 PMI Annual Report, which details the industry and explores how the pandemic year transformed five aspects of plumbing manufacturing: workplace safety, remote working, product innovation, supply chain, and diversity and inclusion.

  • Workplace safety
    • To keep workers safe, LIXIL implemented a policy to quarantine any employee exposed to potential COVID-19 infection from the workplace for 14 days, with full pay. Because of the shortage of COVID-19 testing, LIXIL chooses not to wait for a positive test, instead quarantining individuals who exhibit symptoms or who are found via contact tracking to be near others who test positive.
  • Remote work
    • Kohler Co. observed many positive consequences of shifting into remote work.
  • Product innovation
    • While causing challenges on production lines and causing a shift to remote work, the COVID-19 pandemic created opportunities for the plumbing manufacturing industry to address a newfound concern many people now have: the spread of infectious viruses. This change in public awareness has caused a spike in the sales of touchless plumbing products.
  • Supply chain
    • Rapid and unexpected developments caused by the pandemic have forced companies to monitor their supply chains continuously. 
  • Diversity and inclusion
    • As race and social justice issues took center stage after the murder of George Floyd, PMI member UL stepped up its diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts to support its colleagues. UL’s D&I team worked with the corporate sustainability group to establish a matching program for racial justice to impact the Black community overall.

The report is prefaced by a letter from PMI Board of Directors President Todd Teter from House of Rohl and PMI Immediate Past President Joel Smith from Kohler Co. Read the entire report here: