Nov 10, 2016

Realizing the Work Ahead

water quality, violations, EPA, infrastructure, infographic, FluksAqua

The U.S. has a president elect, and whether you are in favor of his presidency or not, the world is still spinning and there is work to do in the water industry.

Concerns of contamination in public drinking water are still around and the country’s water infrastructure still needs help, whether that be through replacement or repair. In fact, we now have a way to visualize the extent of water troubles in the U.S. thanks to an interactive infographic.

FluksAqua analyzed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ECHO database for health-based violations in drinking water. It found 6% of the entire U.S. population is affected in some way by violations in 2015, but the infographic goes further by exploring how geographic location impacts the findings.

Of all states, for instance, Texas was found to have the greatest number of violations in 2016 with 1,174, and Maryland had the largest affected population percentage in 2016 with 31.47%, according to the infographic. On the other end of that spectrum, Rhode Island only had two violations for coliforms in 2016, which affected less than half a percent of the state’s population.

The data presents a lot of interesting figures, but ultimately sends one message: addressing drinking water quality in the U.S. is still a priority.

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