Apr 27, 2017

Reflecting on Orlando WQA Show

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It has been almost one month since we were in Orlando for the Water Quality Assn. Convention & Exposition, and we keep thinking back to our time there to develop new ideas and content for you, our readers.

Since last week, we have been sending out videos from the show floor on a regular basis with a video series titled Speedy Survey. While at the show, I spoked to several people about their experience during the convention and also asked them about what has topics in the water industry have taken hold in their area. Professionals from Bermuda to Minnesota told us the most common issues discussed in their region, and what products are most commonly requested by customers near them. There were some interesting answers, so we hope you'll check out our video page to see some of the responses.

And for those interested in seeing some cool technology, we also found a company showing off its ultra violet disinfection systems that use LED lights to emit the correct wavelength of light for disinfection. While the company has whole house models, the real interesting ones were around only two inches tall. You can find a have a video that shows those models next to each other on the video.

It will be interesting to see how LED technology is adopted in the UV space, and we hope to see more interesting tech at the next show. When you look back on the show, what was it you found most interesting? Are you interested in seeing these kinds of videos in the future or do you have an idea for a future video we could shoot? Let us know by emailing wqpeditor@sgcmail.com or messaging us on Facebook or Twitter.