Jan 09, 2018

Culligan Water Targets Millennial Consumers

The Chicago suburb based company recruited an actor from “The Princess Bride” in their new advertisement

Chicago water company rebrands

Culligan Water, a Rosemont, Ill., based water treatment products company, launched a new advertising campaign during the Golden Globes Jan. 7. The new campaign features the actor Cary Elwes reviving the “as you wish” line from his famous role in “The Princess Bride” as he provides his daughter with various applications of treated water. The company’s new slogan is “You Could Give Your People Culligan Water” and the advertisement that aired during the Golden Globes plays into this slogan with Cary Elwes providing his family with quality water.

The new slogan and company-wide rebranding is a vast departure from the company’s previous slogan, “Hey! Culligan Man!,” which was created for a 1959 radio advertisement. The previous radio advertisement, and subsequence TV commercial advertisements, portrayed a housewife misinterpreting a dealers instructions and shouting for help. Culligan Water has specified that the rebranding is aimed to be more marketable to millennials becoming aware of water quality issues in light of recent media coverage.

“When you put it in front of a younger female consumer, who’s obviously a prime target for us, they don’t want to just yell for help or be a damsel in distress. So ‘Hey Culligan’ seems to be much more relatable to that audience,” said Larry Holzman, senior vice president for Culligan. The new slogan emphasizes quality water for your loved ones, with a little help from “The Princess Bride.”