Dec 04, 2017

Yemen Lacks Access to Drinking Water

The country faces a water crisis and depends on humanitarian efforts

Yemen faces water crisis

According to the United Nations (UN), Yemen faced a water crisis as 50% of the population struggled to find water and 14.7 million Yemenis depended on humanitarian aid. The pre-existing water shortage has been amplified by a Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemeni rebels blockading the ports and preventing commercial ships from docking. Without the fuel from the blocked shipments, health and water facilities are shutting down.

Yemen already struggled with water shortages due to poor water management. Most water was accessed by drilling groundwater as opposed to collecting rainwater and the pipe system was deteriorating. An estimated 60% of water was lost through leaks in the pipe network.

The UN reported that, “Urban water networks in seven cities have run out of fuel and now depend on humanitarian organizations to fill in the gap,” the officials said. “Other cities will shortly be in a similar situation if the blockade is not lifted, which would leave 11 million people without safe water.”