Nov 04, 2021

Checking In #56: Shelley Peters on CWQA & Women in Leadership

Checking In #56: Shelley Peters on CWQA & Women in Leadership

In this episode of Checking In: A Series With WQP, WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello checks in with Shelley Peters, executive director for the Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA) on her 30-plus year journey in the water industry, women in leadership and unique challenges CWQA members face. Peters shares her background in the water quality industry, from her initial days learning the ins-and-outs of water quality to her current role spearheading the Canadian association. The conversation digs into unique issues CWQA members face — including water quality issues, legislative issues and community education — and what drives Peters about her work. She also touches on how she's seen mentorship play a role in elevating women in leadership and her thoughts on barriers.

Key moment & wisdom (17:55): On barriers to women in leadership roles in water: “The one thing about women in any sort of position is that the biggest barrier that they might have for themselves is just their level of confidence. First and foremost, believe in yourself,” Peters said.

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