Apr 13, 2021

Louisiana Department of Health Investigates Complaint About Low Chlorine Level in Water

The Louisiana Department of Health investigated a complaint about a low chlorine level in a water supply on Apr. 1.


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The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) investigated a complaint about a low chlorine level in the water supply at a particular address on the Cross Gates Water System on Apr. 1.  

According to St. Tammany Parish Government, the LDH collected a total of 6 water samples from the entire system and all samples collected had a good chlorine level with the exception of one near the intersection of Waverly Drive and Cross Gates Boulevard. The LDH will be issuing TU a notice of violation for the low chlorine level at that particular location.  

The notice of violation will require that TU immediately investigate the issue and take corrective actions. The notice does not require the issuance of a boil advisory or notification of the public, as the drinking water is and has been safe for consumption. 

The morning of Apr. 1 Tammany Utilities (TU) had tested that same location and a good result was observed and recorded. TU then began investigating the fluctuation in chlorine level at that one location and has already taken steps to correct the fluctuation, reported St. Tammany Parish Government.  

The samplings that the LDH and TU performed are in addition to the regular sampling that TU performs on a daily basis. According to St. Tammany Parish Government, routine daily chlorine residual samples have all shown good chlorine levels.

TU has elected to collect a water sample at the location in question on Apr. 5 for further bacteriological testing by the LDH laboratory. LDH reported to TU on Apr. 6 that the water is clear and safe for consumption, according to St. Tammany Parish Government.

The LDH also sent a notice of violation saying it had received a complaint about a broken sewer force main that was discharging untreated sewage at the intersection of Gause and Cross Gates boulevards, reported The New Orleans Advocate.

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